A System that is designed to earn staking rewards on specific networks to compound interest that gets distributed to the MAXXVault
MAXX Finance will own Validator Nodes across multiple blockchains allowing us to generate revenue streams to distribute back to our ecosystem thus fueling our deflation and ecosystem. This way we are solidifying MAXX Finance as one of the leading and most sustainable supporters of POS (proof of stake) networks in existence.
A portion of the MATIC that is entered into the Liquidity Amplifier stage will be used to purchase validators, which will be time-locked for a set duration. From this, we will be earning annual yield APY, which will be placed into the MAXX Vault.
This will allow us to give additional rewards to the staking class, cover marketing, and team salaries or use the funds to evolve the ecosystem. All of this will be controlled by a DAO, voted on by the staking class with active stakes.
DAO Governance The MAXX Ecosystem will have a community DAO governance system that is weighted by active stakes and quality of stakes. This will allow the true MAXXIANS to decide what happens on the network, which validators we hold, and how long we hold them for. Rebalancing Portfolio
We know markets can be volatile and we anticipate for there to be a need to rebalance the validator nodes into stables, we will give the ability for weighted votes to decide when and where the protocol will rebalance and potentially enter holding stablecoins and provide liquidity in stable to popular platforms such as uniswap, quickswap or other high bluechip dex exchanges which allow us maximum yield farming potential. Low Risk Strategies only MAXX is a blue chip project, we will not allow for any speculative investments or distributions. It will only be the safest and most trusted avenue on the blockchain network. Proposals with risky investment strategies will not be accepted.