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Referral Systems: Complete


Updated MAXX Finance Referral Program

The referral system in MAXX Finance, initially designed to bolster early-stage community growth, has now been successfully completed. This program allowed users to create personalized referral links associated with their wallet addresses. When these links were used by new users to join MAXX Finance, the original referrer earned bonuses, fostering early community engagement and expansion. Although this system was an effective tool during our initial growth phase, it was designed as a temporary feature and is no longer active, in line with our strategic plan for sustainable and organic community development.

Future Referral Plans

In the upcoming MAXX Finance 2.0, we plan to introduce new and enhanced referral mechanisms. These additional referral strategies will be crafted to align with our evolving community and ecosystem, offering fresh and innovative ways for users to participate and benefit from promoting MAXX Finance. Stay tuned for more details on these exciting developments as we continue to grow and evolve our platform.

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