Token Limits

There are functions built into the smart contract to protect from large dumps

Whale Limit

There is an adjustable 'Whale Limit' set in the contract, initially set at 100,000,000 MAXX.
This means that a user cannot sell more than 100m tokens in a single transaction. You can see this in the contract at

Daily Sell Limit

There is an adjustable 'Global Daily Sell Limit' set in the contract, initially set at 1,000,000,000 MAXX. (1bn)
This means that within any 24-hour period, no more than 1 billion tokens can be sold on the market. Again, this is to protect from extreme price dumps.

Lower Limits

Although both of these settings are adjustable (via the gnosis safe), both have hard-coded minimums set in the contract. This means that the team cannot suddenly change both to very low numbers, essentially preventing anyone from selling.
The minimum value for the Global Daily Sell Limit is 1bn, and Whale Limit is 100m.
In other words, via the community DAO, we can increase these limits, but never decrease below the minimum.