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Token Limits

MAXX Finance incorporates robust functions in its smart contract to protect against market volatility due to large token sales.

Token Limits in MAXX Finance: Safeguarding Market Stability

An adjustable Whale Limit is set within the contract, initially capped at 100 million MAXX tokens. This restriction means no single transaction can exceed this sale amount, effectively preventing massive single transaction sales that could impact market stability.

Daily Sell Limit

We've also implemented a Global Daily Sell Limit, initially set at 1 billion MAXX tokens. This limit ensures that within any 24-hour period, the total tokens sold do not exceed 1 billion, safeguarding against drastic price drops.

You can see this in the contract at

Inbuilt Lower Limits:

Both Whale Limit and Global Daily Sell Limit have hard-coded minimums in the contract, ensuring the limits cannot be reduced to excessively low levels that would restrict selling. The minimum for the Global Daily Sell Limit is 1 billion, and for the Whale Limit, it's 100 million. These limits can be adjusted upwards through the community DAO, but never below these set minimums, ensuring a balance between flexibility and market protection.

These measures are crucial in maintaining a stable trading environment and protecting the interests of all MAXX Finance stakeholders.

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