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Road Map Schedule

The roadmap is condensed into things we are currently working on.

$MAXX Token is now live on QuickSwap - Click here to open the Dashboard!!

Road Map

Whitelist / Genesis Reservations

Our internal and public test net rounds have now been completed, and our contracts have been deployed!

Testnet Process Complete

We have successfully concluded our internal and public test net phases, marking a significant milestone with the deployment of our contracts. This accomplishment paves the way for our upcoming stages.

  • Our Free Claim: Complete stage has now started. 5% of our supply (5,000,000,000 MAXX tokens)

  • We have deployed 3 Internal Testnet Stages & 6 Public Testnet Stages

Freeclaim & Airdrop Release

Our Freeclaim stage is now complete, offering 5% of our total supply (5 billion MAXX tokens) for free claim. This opportunity is available to millions of crypto enthusiasts on a first-come-first-served basis, with all freeclaimed amounts auto-staked for a year. Any unclaimed portion from this airdrop might be distributed to our stakeholders after this period.

Amplifier Complete

Our Liquidity Amplifier stage, a pivotal phase in our launch process, has now successfully concluded. During this period, which functioned akin to a presale entry into the gamified ecosystem, users had the opportunity to reserve their share of 25 billion MAXX tokens, representing 25% of our total supply while sacrificing or giving up their $MATIC token in exchange. This 40-day phase was instrumental in ensuring a fair and equitable launch, meticulously designed to prevent any single entity from acquiring a disproportionate share of the supply at an undervalued price. The completion of this stage marks a significant achievement in our journey towards a balanced and inclusive financial ecosystem. Our Liquidity Amplifier: Complete stage This is basically a presale, where users can reserve their share of 25,000,000,000 MAXX tokens over a period of 40 days. This equates to 25% of the supply. This allows us to launch in a fair manner, without allowing anyone to own an unfair amount of the supply for a low price.

Liquidity Deployment

Shortly after the conclusion of the Amplifier stage, and thorough testing, we successfully deployed liquidity to the QuickSwap DEX. This milestone marked the official launch of our token, making it live and available for trading and viewing on DexTools. Users were then able to withdraw their reservations from the Liquidity Amplifier and commenced creating their first stakes. This phase signified a crucial step in our journey, setting the stage for active participation and engagement within our ecosystem.

Genesis NFT Distributed

Our journey commences with the completion of the whitelist reservation for 5,000 exclusive Genesis NFTs. Holders of these NFTs are privileged with an additional 10% boost when creating a MAXX Stake. Discover more about the utility of these NFTs at our dedicated MAXX Genesis NFT page.

Planning Of MAXX Community Network Phase 2.0

The planning for MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network Phase focuses on evolving into a more decentralized and powerful entity, with the community playing a pivotal role in steering the project. This phase symbolizes not just a platform enhancement but a broader vision, where community engagement and ownership are paramount.

Key Aspects of MAXX Finance 2.0:

  1. Community-Driven Approach: The essence of MAXX 2.0 lies in the belief that a vibrant community is essential for shaping the project's future​​.

  2. Transition to Community Ownership: Recognizing the importance of decentralization, there's a shift towards full community ownership. This approach is built on the foundation laid by MAXX Finance 1.0, where the initial stages of token distribution were crucial in establishing the community and the project's base​​.

  3. Token Distribution and Liquidity: The total token supply is 100 billion, which inflates with interest and deflates with token burns. A significant 43% of the tokens (43 billion) are reserved liquidity, locked and their usage will be determined by the community, underlining the shift towards community-driven decisions​​.

  4. Marketing and Team Salaries: A total of 10 billion tokens, initially earmarked for marketing and team salaries, will now be repurposed to incentivize community engagement and contribution to the project's growth​​.

The next stage of MAXX Finance is thus marked by a significant shift towards community empowerment and decentralized governance, reinforcing the role of the community in the platform's development and decision-making processes.

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