Sacrifice Phase

MAXX does not imply any profit from its platform the users essentially forfeit one token for MAXX to interact with the MAXX platform. We do not promise returns from our platform.

Why The Liquidity Amplifier stage?

MAXX Finance as a project is not profiting from the launch or initial distribution of MAXX. This protocol is made by the people for the people and is being created specifically on the foundation of trust amongst the community.
Essentially by operating in the Liquidity Amplifier you are sacrificing or forfeiting your cryptocurrency in return for MAXX tokens. This distribution has been done in the past and is a proven method to allow an even and fair amount of tokens to be distributed between the participants.

Fair Distribution

By launching through a sacrifice event, each person has the chance of a fair share of the token supply over the 40-day period. Not only is this method morally justified, but it also creates a whale-less community and allows for a fair distribution for everyone involved.
Tokens who launch directly on a DEX with low liquidity can instantly suffer from whale problems as early buyers get a large amount of the supply, and the price shoots up very fast. Sacrifice events completely eliminate this risk.
This is a common problem that meme tokens/shitcoins suffer from. A handful of people end up owning a huge amount, which within a few weeks or months can be worth several millions of dollars. Any single one of those whales can sell all their tokens, and crash the price by 90%, draining most of the liquidity out of the liquidity pool. Every other investor is left buying the bags of the whale, and the project is left badly damaged by the drained liquidity.
We have worked long and hard to eliminate this risk completely. Maxx Finance = Fair Distribution
For more information please see the Liquidity Amplifier section.