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MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network Phase

Building Together, Growing Together: MAXX Finance Community

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The Vision Behind The MAXX Finance Community Network

MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network represents more than just a platform; it embodies a vision. At its essence, this groundbreaking phase is founded on the profound belief that a vibrant and engaged community should hold a central role in shaping the destiny of the MAXX Finance project. The community's ability to steer this project empowers MAXX to evolve into a more decentralized and formidable force. With Phase 1.0 completed and the framework laid out, it is imperative for us to add this next layer to ensure the success of MAXX.

Community Ownership

The concept of community ownership lies at the heart of MAXX Finance 2.0. We understand that a truly decentralized and robust ecosystem can only be built when the community has a significant stake in its success. While our journey began with a distribution of tokens, including those designated for the team, we recognize the importance of transitioning towards full community ownership.

Token Distribution and Ownership

A Transition Towards Community Ownership

MAXX Finance has always valued transparency and community participation. Our journey began with MAXX Finance 1.0, where various stages of token distribution took place. In MAXX Finance 1.0, tokens designated for Prelaunch liquidity, initial liquidity, freeclaim, and competition rewards are highlighted in green on our Token Supply and Distribution page. These early stages were instrumental in establishing our community and the project's foundations. For a detailed overview of the token distribution, you can refer to our Token Supply and Distribution page. This distribution outlines how tokens are allocated among various stakeholders, including team members and community participants.

Total Supply


This will inflate with interest and deflate with token burns

Pre-launch Amplifier - 25%


Loaded into contract

Initial Liquidity - 20%


Loaded into DEX

Reserve Liquidity - 38%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

FreeClaim + Airdrop- 5%


Loaded into contract

Competition Rewards - 2%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

Marketing - 5%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

Team Salaries - 5%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

Marketing & Team Salaries

Since the initial deployment of the project, we have maintained the entirety of the Marketing and team supply untouched. This supply consists of 10 billion tokens initially allocated for marketing and team salaries. However, in line with our evolving commitment to community empowerment, these tokens will assume a central role in MAXX Finance 2.0: The Social Network. Instead of exclusively serving traditional marketing or team compensation purposes, these tokens will be repurposed to incentivize and reward users who actively engage and contribute to the project's growth.

Reserved Liquidity For Community Decisions

A significant portion of the token supply, 38% or 38 billion tokens, is reserved liquidity. These tokens are locked, and their future use will be decided by the community. We believe in giving the community the authority to determine how these reserved tokens can best serve the project and its growth.

Here are five popular suggestions for utilizing reserved liquidity that our community has discussed.

  1. Centralized Exchange Listing: Allocate a portion of the reserved liquidity to facilitate MAXX token listings on popular centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This can increase accessibility and liquidity, attracting a broader range of users and investors.

  2. Liquidity Pools: Create liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap or SushiSwap. This can enhance MAXX's presence in the DeFi ecosystem and provide opportunities for users to trade and stake their tokens.

  3. Community Development Fund: Establish a fund dedicated to supporting community-driven projects, initiatives, and partnerships that align with the MAXX Finance vision. This fund can empower the community to take ownership of the project's growth.

  4. Lending and Borrowing: Explore opportunities in the DeFi lending and borrowing space by providing liquidity for lending platforms. This can generate interest income for the project while expanding its presence in the broader DeFi ecosystem.

  5. Strategic Acquisitions: Consider using reserved liquidity for strategic acquisitions of complementary projects or technologies that can enhance MAXX Finance's offerings and capabilities. We will retain the flexibility to determine the allocation of reserved liquidity as our project progresses. We anticipate that the increasing value of MAXX tokens, coupled with the growth of the overall market, will empower us to wield a greater influence over these tokens. Consequently, allocating them at this early stage of the project may not align with our long-term strategy and be detrimental to the project.

Empowering the Community

As we step into MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network, we are committed to empowering the community further. We believe that for MAXX Finance to thrive, ownership should gradually transition into the hands of those who contribute and believe in the project's vision.

Why the Transition?

The transition towards community ownership is a strategic imperative. It fully aligns with our unwavering commitment to decentralization, ensuring that the project's success is the result of collective efforts. While the team played a pivotal role in establishing the foundation, we firmly believe that empowering the community to assume an active role will foster innovation and drive sustainable growth. In addition, our relentless focus on decentralization within the MAXX Finance Eco-System is aimed at building trust and transparency, eliminating the risk of any central vulnerabilities within the project.

How The MAXX Finance Network Will Work

The MAXX Finance Community Network is designed to foster active community engagement and participation by enabling members to contribute in various capacities. We will develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) where users can apply for or query available tasks and services. This MVP will include a user-friendly front-end dashboard that provides account access and a task query feature. Additionally, it will feature a comprehensive payment schedule, making the entire process user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

Here's how it will work:

  1. Task Application: Users will access the platform and browse through available tasks they can contribute to.

  2. Task Selection: Users can select tasks that align with their skills and interests. Each task will come with a clear description and requirements.

  3. Task Completion: Once a user completes a task, they will submit their work through the platform for review.

  4. Task Review and Payment: The MAXX Finance blockchain & community moderators will review the completed task. If approved, the user will receive their MAXX token rewards based on a predefined schedule based on task. (EX. For a well-written article, an author receives 1,000,000 MAXX tokens initially, with the potential to earn additional tokens based on engagement, social sharing, and quality ratings, MAXX tokens can allow people to earn reoccuring revenue from a single blogpost or youtube video.)

  5. User Dashboard: Users will have access to a personal dashboard where they can track their completed tasks, earnings, and available tasks.

Now, here are 10 ideas for different tasks that community members can engage in:

  1. Article Writing: Create informative articles or blog posts related to MAXX Finance and decentralized finance (DeFi) topics.

  2. Community Moderation: Manage and moderate community chat rooms, ensuring a safe and respectful environment.

  3. Graphic Design: Design visual content, such as banners, infographics, or promotional materials, to enhance the project's visibility.

  4. Smart Contract Development: Contribute to the development and improvement of smart contracts powering the MAXX Finance ecosystem.

  5. Website Development: Enhance the project's website and related platforms for improved user experience.

  6. Social Media Engagement: Actively engage on social media platforms by sharing project updates, responding to inquiries, and growing the project's online presence.

  7. Video Content Creation: Produce informative and engaging videos about MAXX Finance, tutorials, or project updates.

  8. Translation Services: Translate project content, documents, or announcements to make them accessible to a wider global audience.

  9. Bug Reporting and Testing: Help identify and report bugs or issues within the MAXX Finance platform and participate in testing new features.

  10. Educational Content Creation: Develop educational materials, such as guides, tutorials, or explainer videos, to educate the community about MAXX Finance and DeFi."

These tasks encompass a wide range of skills and expertise, ensuring that users with various backgrounds can actively contribute to the project's growth. There will be dozens of catagories and guides to help users.

Rewards and Vesting

Earning MAXX tokens through contributions is just the beginning. To promote long-term commitment and stability, earned tokens undergo a vesting period. This ensures that tokens are not sold off immediately, allowing community members to gradually gain ownership over time.


As we embark on the journey of MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network, we invite you to join us in shaping the future. Our vision extends beyond a platform; it's about empowering a vibrant community to drive innovation, decentralization, and trust within the MAXX Finance Eco-System. With the foundation laid in Phase 1.0 and a commitment to community ownership, we are entering a phase where your contributions matter more than ever. Together, we'll explore new horizons, reward your efforts, and unlock the true potential of MAXX Finance. Join us as we redefine decentralized finance, one step at a time. Be sure to stay connected with us on the telegram and discord to discuss moving into this next stage of building. This new phase is designed not only to foster greater community engagement but also to enhance the value and price of MAXX tokens. By encouraging active participation, content creation, and contributions from our community, we believe that the intrinsic value of MAXX tokens will naturally increase. As more users become involved in shaping our project's future, the heightened interest and utility of MAXX tokens will contribute to their upward trajectory. We see this as a win-win scenario, where community members are rewarded for their efforts, and the MAXX ecosystem benefits from their valuable contributions, ultimately promoting our project's success.

FAQs for MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network Phase

  1. What is MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network? It's a phase designed to foster active community engagement and participation in various capacities, empowering members to contribute to the project's growthโ€‹โ€‹.

  2. How can community members contribute to MAXX Finance 2.0? Members can engage in tasks like article writing, community moderation, graphic design, smart contract development, website development, and more, with clear guidelines for each taskโ€‹โ€‹.

  3. What rewards are offered for contributing to MAXX Finance 2.0? Contributors receive MAXX token rewards for completed tasks, subject to a vesting period to promote long-term commitment and gradual ownershipโ€‹โ€‹.

  4. How does MAXX Finance 2.0 enhance the project's value and price? By encouraging active community participation and contribution, it is anticipated that the intrinsic value and price of MAXX tokens will naturally increaseโ€‹โ€‹.

  5. Is there a system in place for task application and completion in MAXX Finance 2.0? Yes, there will be a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a user-friendly dashboard for task application, selection, completion, and paymentโ€‹โ€‹.

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