The first priority for MAXX is the security.
Security is of the utmost importance to MAXX Finance.
Unlike a CEX (centralized exchange) where users don't own the keys to your crypto, and are putting your trust in them not to lose it or go bankrupt, users who participate in MAXX Finance will always own their own crypto, as they hold the keys to their own wallet.
Not only will our Smart Contract be going through multiple audits, but it will also be going through various stages of community testing and bug bounty programs. More details will be added to this section once the audits have begun with, SolidityFinance & Certik, among other firms.
Further to this, we have additional security measures in place, such as all the Contract Owners being GnosisSafe multi-sig wallets. This means that no one person from the team can change anything or move funds out of the MAXX Vault, instead, it will require at least 3 out of 5 signatures all in agreement.
This also acts as a layer of security in case anything happens to any of the team. Other projects have suffered when the founder or main dev gets ill or goes missing, and no one else on the team can access anything. We are making sure there is both security and redundancy in place across all aspects of MAXX Finance.
We also have bot protection built into our contract, to negate front-running bots from draining any liquidity from users' trading transactions. The MAXX Smart contract has a killswitch that in the case of something we can use it to temporarily pause everything until we resolved the issue.