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The first priority for MAXX is the security.

Security is paramount at MAXX Finance, offering a stark contrast to centralized exchanges (CEXs). In MAXX Finance, users retain full control of their crypto, holding their own wallet keys, unlike in CEXs where users rely on the exchange's security.

Our Smart Contract undergoes rigorous audits and community testing phases, including bug bounty programs. Renowned firms like, SolidityFinance, and Certik are involved in these audits, with detailed updates to follow.

Moreover, we employ GnosisSafe multi-signature wallets for all Contract Owners, requiring a consensus of at least 3 out of 5 team members for any significant action. This structure not only enhances security but also ensures operational continuity in unforeseen circumstances. MAXX Vault

To combat bot activities, bot protection is integrated into our contract, preventing front-running bots from impacting user transactions. Additionally, a kill switch is in place within the MAXX Smart Contract to temporarily halt operations, if necessary, ensuring prompt resolution of any critical issues.

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