MAXX Vault

Making MAXX Finance into a DeFi powerhouse.
The MAXX Vault is a community-managed treasury, with the tokens locked behind a DAO. The team and community will put forward proposals on how to use these funds as they build up. The community will vote to decide how to proceed with the proposals.
The team has conducted thorough research into both successful and failed treasury systems in order to produce a perfect vault meant for growing and developing not only the MAXX Finance ecosystem but also adding new and revolutionary dapps and developments.

How is the vault funded?

The vault collects both $MAXX tokens and the paired liquidity token. These originate from the Taxes and other ecosystem penalties, such as early/late stake withdrawals.

What is the purpose of the raised funds?

The vault is here to empower the MAXX community and give every stakeholder direct decision rights over the future of the entire platform, as well as all the future developments that MAXX Finance will be launching in the future. Some of the smaller examples of community voting are: Marketing, Influencer Coverage, Merchandising design and distribution, Appearances at Crypto Conferences, Giveaways, Prizes, NFT's, new platforms and projects. The community may also vote on burning some of the tokens in the vault in order to stimulate deflationary measures, validator node distribution, rotation schedules, and incubation programs.

How safe are the funds?

The MAXXVault is be a multi-signature GnosisSafe wallet, with the tokens locked behind a DAO system. Tokens will only be withdrawn or sold if the community has voted on doing so. Funds are SAFU. Doing anything other with the funds is mathematically impossible. Read more about our security here.