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🔒MAXX Vault

Making MAXX Finance into a DeFi powerhouse.

The MAXX Vault serves as a community-driven treasury, secured through a GnosisSafe (Multisignature wallet). Proposals for utilizing these funds are put forth by both the team and the community, with decisions made via community voting. MAXX Finance is now in the second stage of growth and has pledged to distribute all of the GnosisSafe tokens to the community eventually making MAXX Finance completely decentralized with absolutely zero counterparty risk.

Funding and Purpose: The Vault accumulates $MAXX tokens and paired liquidity tokens from various ecosystem activities and penalties. Its primary purpose is to enhance community empowerment, granting stakeholders direct influence over MAXX Finance's trajectory, including future developments and dapp integrations.

Community Voting: Voting topics range from marketing strategies to merchandising, event participation, giveaways, and new project incubation. Token burning for deflationary measures and validator node management are also community decisions.

Security of Funds: Funds within the MAXX Vault are safeguarded by a multi-signature GnosisSafe wallet. Withdrawal or sale of assets occurs only after community consensus, ensuring funds remain secure and used as intended. Further details about our security measures can be found in our security documentation.

How is the vault funded?

The vault collects both $MAXX tokens and the paired liquidity token. These originate from the Trade Taxes and other ecosystem penalties, such as early/late stake withdrawals.

Safety of Funds

Security in the MAXX Vault is paramount, managed via a multi-signature GnosisSafe wallet and controlled by 3/5 team signatures. Withdrawals or sales of tokens occur solely based on community voting, ensuring funds are secure and used as per collective decisions. Any deviation from this process is effectively impossible, ensuring the safety and integrity of the funds. More information on our security measures is available in our detailed documentation.

What is the purpose of the raised funds?

The vault is here to empower the MAXX community and give every stakeholder direct decision rights over the future of the entire platform, as well as all the future developments that MAXX Finance will be launching in the future. Some of the smaller examples of community voting are: Marketing, Influencer Coverage, Merchandising design and distribution, Appearances at Crypto Conferences, Giveaways, Prizes, NFT's, new platforms and projects. The community may also vote on burning some of the tokens in the vault in order to stimulate deflationary measures, validator node distribution, rotation schedules, and incubation programs.

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