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Referral System: Complete

You can earn free $MAXX tokens by taking advantage of our referral system. A very powerful system that can reward you greatly!

MAXX Finance Referral System Explained

MAXX Finance offered a lucrative referral system where both the referrer and the referee could earn significant bonuses. By using a referral link to access our dashboard, users were eligible for an extra 10% on their FreeClaim amount. Additionally, the referrer also received a 10% bonus based on the amount claimed by the referee.

The staking platform was designed to recognize the referral link and automatically apply this bonus during the FreeClaim transaction. This meant an additional 10% for the person claiming and a matching 10% auto-staked bonus for the referrer. It was an effective way for users to accumulate more MAXX tokens simply by sharing their unique referral link.

As we move into MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network Phase, we're excited to announce the return of a referral system. This revamped program will continue to offer our users the opportunity to earn rewards, further enhancing community engagement and participation in our evolving ecosystem. Stay tuned for more details on how you can benefit from this initiative in MAXX Finance 2.0.

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