Free Claim: Complete

Update on MAXX Finance Free Claim and Airdrop

The MAXX Finance Free Claim event

A pivotal part of our growth strategy has successfully concluded. In this event, we allocated 5% of our total supply (5 billion tokens) for qualified users to claim. Eligibility was based on token holdings across 70 networks as of October 30th, 2022, and the claimable amount was determined by the USD value of these tokens.
We are thrilled to announce that the distribution of these tokens will commence shortly. All claimed tokens are automatically staked for one year, offering an attractive 24.26% APY. Additionally, 2 billion tokens are reserved for competition rewards and airdrops, targeting active participants in our community events. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities in MAXX Finance.
In total, there was only less than %5 that claimed the freeclaim tokens during this period. All of the unclaimed tokens will be burned which will be a huge event in the next 30-60 Days.
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