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Speed Penalty

Make sure to claim your FreeClaim early!

Speed Penalty for FreeClaim in MAXX Finance

In MAXX Finance, it's crucial to claim your FreeClaim promptly to maximize benefits. There's a penalty for late claims, reducing the amount you can claim each day after the launch. The FreeClaim event spans 365 days, with a daily penalty of 0.274% (100/365) starting from day 2.


  • Claiming 200,000 MAXX from $1,000 of ETH allocation:

    • Day 1: Full 200,000 MAXX available.

    • Day 11: 2.739% penalty, 194,520 MAXX claimable.

    • Day 101: 27.397% penalty, 145,205 MAXX claimable.

    • Day 365: 99.726% penalty, only 19.8 MAXX claimable.

The FreeClaim event concludes on Day 366 or when the reserved amount is fully claimed, whichever comes first. Check your freeclaim airdrop here!

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