Supply and Distribution

Initial Supply

The initial supply of $MAXX will be 100 Billion tokens. This supply will change over time due to both the interest awarded to stakers, and our deflationary tokenomics. Other than the daily interest paid to stakers, no additional tokens will ever be minted.


Total Supply
This will inflate with interest and deflate with token burns
Pre-launch Amplifier - 20%
Loaded into contract
Initial Liquidity - 20%
Loaded into DEX
Reserve Liquidity - 43%
Locked in a GnosisSafe
FreeClaim + Airdrop- 5%
Loaded into contract
Competition Rewards - 2%
Locked in a GnosisSafe
Marketing - 5%
Locked in a GnosisSafe
Team Salaries - 5%
Locked in a GnosisSafe


We made sure to avoid the most common mistakes such as unfair launches, post-launch whale dumping, and others. It took us a very long time to build MAXX Finance and we are here for the long term.
Likewise, launching on a DEX with low liquidity is also not a part of our strategy. We want to avoid giving whales the possibility of becoming unfairly large holders of MAXX from the very beginning.
Instead, we will be doing a Liquidity Amplifier stage where users can reserve tokens before launch. 20% of the supply is going to be sold during this 40-day stage. This allows us to fairly distribute a large portion of the public tokens to all participants at a fair price, avoiding any whale accumulation.
Check out the Liquidity Amplifier to learn the exact mechanics.

Initial and reserve DEX Liquidity

We plan to deploy 25% of the supply (25bn) tokens into the initial DEX liquidity pairing. This allows us 38% (38bn) in reserves, in case we need to add additional liquidity pairs later on.
All reserve liquidity will be locked in a GnosisSafe for security, and will only ever be used for DEX or CEX liquidity purposes.


We will be doing a huge AirDrop/FreeClaim with a total of 5bn MAXX tokens. This will be available to several millions of crypto users, on a first come first serve basis. We aim to accelerate the initial onboarding of participants in the Maxx Finance ecosystem. All freeclaimed amounts will be staked for a minimum of 1 year.

Competition and partnership rewards

A further 2% of the MAXX token supply will be reserved to pay bonuses to any competitions which help us spread the gospel of MAXX Finance. If you are participating in our competition and would like to earn some good rewards, visit or email [email protected]

Marketing and Team Expenses

Although we are reserving some of the Liquidity Amplifier takings to pay for the project, its development, marketing, audits and team salaries, we are also reserving a small amount (5%) of the token for both Marketing and Team Salaries.
Our Team is focused on developing and growing MAXX Finance into a new chapter of Decentralized Finance. Selling Team tokens is detrimental to the price stability, hence these tokens will be released very slowly using a drip-based schedule. What Wall Street does on a regular basis is impossible to do in DeFi, simply because the code can prevent it.