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Supply and Distribution


Supply and Distribution Overview

Initial Supply:

  • Starting Point: The initial supply of $MAXX is set at 100 Billion tokens.

  • Dynamic Nature: This supply is subject to change, influenced by the interest awarded to stakers and our deflationary tokenomics.

  • Minting Policy: No new tokens will be ever created beyond the daily interest for stakers, ensuring a controlled supply. The contract is immutable and does not have this function.


Total Supply


This will inflate with interest and deflate with token burns

Pre-launch Amplifier - 25%


Loaded into contract

Initial Liquidity - 20%


Loaded into DEX

Reserve Liquidity - 38%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

FreeClaim + Airdrop- 5%


Loaded into contract

Competition Rewards - 2%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

Marketing - 5%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

Team Salaries - 5%


Locked in a GnosisSafe

Strategic Initiatives

  • Pre-launch Focus Complete ✓ We meticulously addressed common launch pitfalls like unfair launches and whale dumping, ensuring a fair and sustainable beginning for MAXX Finance. This required substantial time and effort but was crucial for our long-term success.

  • DEX Launch Strategy Complete ✓ Our strategy explicitly avoided launching on DEX platforms with low liquidity. This deliberate choice was made to prevent early whale dominance, maintaining a balanced and healthy token ecosystem right from the start.

  • Liquidity Amplifier Phase Complete ✓ This crucial 40-day stage allowed users to reserve tokens before the official launch. By doing so, we ensured a fair distribution of tokens, effectively mitigating the risk of whale accumulation and fostering a more equitable ecosystem.

  • Initial and Reserve DEX Liquidity Complete ✓ We strategically deployed 25% of the total supply (25 billion tokens) for initial DEX liquidity. Additionally, 38% (38 billion) of the supply is held in reserve, providing us with the flexibility to bolster liquidity as needed in the future.

  • Community-Centric Token Distribution In Progress 🕑 In our commitment to achieving complete decentralization of MAXX, the remaining tokens allocated for marketing, team salaries, and reserve liquidity will be progressively distributed among the community. This process is crucial in shifting the control and ownership of MAXX towards its users. Currently, we are approximately at the 15-25% stage in our journey toward full decentralization, reflecting our ongoing dedication to transferring power and governance into the hands of our community.

Pre-launch Complete

In our pre-launch phase for MAXX Finance, one of the critical strategies we implemented was the Liquidity Amplifier stage. This was a carefully planned 40-day period during which we allowed users to reserve tokens before the official launch. By allocating 25% of our total token supply for this stage, we aimed to ensure a fair distribution of tokens among all participants. This approach was instrumental in preventing the accumulation of tokens by a few large holders, commonly known as 'whales'. It was a significant step towards achieving a more balanced and equitable token distribution from the outset, aligning with our long-term commitment to maintaining the integrity and sustainability of MAXX Finance in the decentralized finance landscape.

Deployed To QuickSwap DEX

We deployed 20% (20B $MAXX + $MATIC) of our supply, amounting to 25 billion tokens, into the initial DEX liquidity pairing. This strategic move left us with 38% (38 billion tokens) in reserve, giving us the flexibility to add additional liquidity pairs in the future if needed. To ensure the utmost security of these reserves, all the reserve liquidity was securely locked in a GnosisSafe. We committed to using these reserves solely for DEX or CEX liquidity purposes, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining a stable and secure trading environment for MAXX tokens.

FreeClaim Complete

We will be doing a huge AirDrop/FreeClaim with a total of 5bn MAXX tokens. This will be available to several millions of crypto users, on a first come first serve basis. We aim to accelerate the initial onboarding of participants in the Maxx Finance ecosystem. All freeclaimed amounts will be staked for a minimum of 1 year.

Check out the Free Claim: Complete section to learn more. Visit the website to see if you qualify for the freeclaim.

Competition and partnership rewards Complete

A further 2% of the MAXX token supply will be reserved to pay bonuses to any competitions which help us spread the gospel of MAXX Finance. If you are participating in our competition and would like to earn some good rewards, visit or email

MAXX Finance 2.0: Empowering the Community Network Phase - In Progress 🕑

In the initial stages of MAXX Finance, we had earmarked a specific token allocation for marketing and team expenses. In a strategic shift to foster a more decentralized ecosystem, this allocation has now been redirected to fuel the next phase of our evolution: MAXX Finance 2.0 - The Community Network Phase. This pivot is more than a mere reallocation of resources; it's a clear commitment to our vision of decentralization and community empowerment.

MAXX Finance 2.0 marks a significant transformation towards a community-centric approach in both token distribution and project governance. By redistributing the tokens initially intended for marketing and team expenses, we are inviting our community members to take an active role in the project's development. This redistribution is not merely a reward; it's an opportunity for each member to contribute to MAXX Finance's growth, whether through marketing initiatives, development, or other forms of support.

As we embark on this new phase, we're reinforcing community involvement at every level. Each participant in the MAXX Finance ecosystem is now empowered to have a substantial stake and a louder voice in the project. This approach democratizes our decision-making process and inspires innovative contributions, ensuring that the evolution of MAXX Finance aligns with the collective vision and efforts of its community. Together, we're building a thriving and collaborative environment that drives the project forward in exciting and uncharted directions.

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