How can I get MAXX?

So you've realized there is massive potential in the next largest Staking Platform launching 2023, and want to get your hands on some MAXX as soon as possible. Here are four ways you can do just that:

1) FreeClaim & Airdrop

The first users who will be able to get their hands on some MAXX tokens, are those who participate in the Free Claim. 5bn tokens are available in this stage. We also give participants of airdrops the ability to claim their tokens at this stage.

2) Liquidity Amplifier reservation

25bn tokens will be available for reservation in the Liquidity Amplifier stage.

3) Referral System

You can even earn some totally free $MAXX tokens by taking advantage of our referral system. If you refer people to the FreeClaim or the Amplifier, you will earn 5-10% of what the referred user is claiming/reserving.

4) Open market

Once we have launched the project on mainnet, you will be able to purchase and trade MAXX Quickswap DEX. We will update this section as soon as MAXX is live, around February 2023