How can I get MAXX?

So you've realized there is massive potential in MAXX as the largest Staking Platform launching 2023, and want to get some tokens before the pump - Smart move!

Here are the two ways you can get $MAXX

1) FreeClaim & Airdrop

The first users who will be able to get their hands on some MAXX tokens, are those who participate in the Free Claim. 5bn tokens are available in this stage. We also give participants of airdrops the ability to claim their tokens at this stage.

2) From the open market DEX

We have now deployed liquidity to the QuickSwap DEX. You are now able to purchase and trade MAXX on QuickSwap. As we have a small 2% Buy tax, you will need to manually adjust the slippage to 3% or your trade will not be successful.