Share Factor

Why its best to get your stakes in as early as possible, due to the Share Factor
There is a slowly decreasing Share Factor (SF), which over time will mean that users who stake later will get slightly fewer shares, therefore a lower APY. This number only affects you at the time of creating a stake, and does not affect your APY after that point. This number starts at 1.00 and slowly reduces over 3,333 days until it gets to 0.00. This doesn't mean that users staking on day 3,333 will get 0 shares, it actually means they will get half as many, and therefore half as much interest on their stake.
This is why its always best to get your stakes in early, and create staking ladders over the next 9 years.
This also makes a high demand to resell or remarket stakes and will allow us to create a marketplace for users that created longer and larger stakes to be resold to users who are starting stakes anytime after the deployment of the MAXX staking feature.
This declining share factor will also put pressure on the price since the amount of MAXX paid out will be less and less over time.
Staking earlier will always pay you a better APY Interest Rate