MAXX Token

A new chapter in Decentralised Finance. We have designed MAXX Finance as a long-term sustainable project, not a short-term unsustainable pump and dump by carefully tuning the tokenomic system.

Token Basics

The token is named MAXX Finance and has the ticker symbol $MAXX. It will be deployed first on the Polygon blockchain and will be available for trading on our own portal, and on the Quickswap DEX (decentralized exchange). $MAXX is an ERC20 token contract built with the OpenZeppelin standard. The Stakes will be transferable and ERC-721 [NFT] Contracts which can be listed on & other popular exchange platforms to resell stakes.
The contracts are owned by multi-signature GnosisSafes for security. This means that no single person can make any changes to the contract, instead, it will require at least 3 signatures out of the 5 developers/team members who are connected with the Safe. We need to retain ownership, as we may wish to add features to the project in the future.
The contract is currently audited by, we also plan to have other leading smart contract auditing companies audit the protocol.
  • Solidity Finance
  • Certik
MAXX has function utility NFT's that will be able to plug into the smart contracts for stakes & give boosts & bonuses. We also have an on-chain referral program that will allow users to earn on-chain $MAXX Tokens for sharing their referral link found here.