Multi-signature protection

All of the MAXX contracts are owned and protected by a secure multisig implementation from GnosisSafe. The MAXXVault address which will store all accumulated treasury funds, is also a MultiSig gnosis wallet.

This means that any transaction that a team member attempts to do, be it moving funds, or minting an NFT to a competition winner's wallet, will require approval by the majority of the core team. No one person can make any changes.

Current Multi-Sig Signers

  • Alpha

  • CryptoSpace

  • 0xVixen

  • DeCrypt

  • Ammon

This also protects the project from any unfortunate situations, such as any of the developers or founders being unreachable / going missing. Many projects have suffered when a developer disappears, and no one else can access the funds in the wallet address. Even major Centralized Exchanges have suffered from this, and permanently lost access to millions of dollars.


Each GnosisSafe will be protected by at least a 3 out of 5 multi-signature policy. The users are part of 3 core members, 1 contract developer & 1 security overview for $MAXX.

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