Referral System

You can earn free $MAXX tokens by taking advantage of our referral system. A very powerful system that can reward you greatly!

Benefit from a 10% Bonus!

If you have used a referral link to land on the dashboard, you will earn an extra 10% on your Amplifier reservations. The user who created the link will also earn a 5% bonus based on the referee's reservations. This is completely on-chain and can be live monitored. We encourage our community to create useful content on social media to educate users and use the referral link to have them follow it to start interacting with our platform.
The user dashboard is very simple to see live view of how your referrals are being utilized.
The staking platform will detect the referral link and adds it as a variable during the process of Amplifier Reservation transactions, enabling the bonus. This gives an extra 10% to the person claiming and also awards the referrer a bonus to the value of 5%.
All bonuses earned by the referrer are available to withdraw as liquid MAXX tokens from the DEX launch date.