Liquidity Amplifier

We are launching with a unique liquidity amplifier stage, which will prevent whales from owning an unfair amount of tokens and ensure 100% fair and equal token distribution.
Before the token is deployed onto the mainnet and being made available for trade on a DEX, we will be hosting a Liquidity Amplifier stage. This sacrifice event allows users to obtain $MAXX at a fairer price compared to launching directly with low liquidity.
There is a total of 20bn available for reservation during this stage (20% of the total supply). Users sacrifice their MATIC into the contract on one or more of the 40 Amplifier days, and at the end, tokens are distributed to users based on how much MATIC was entered each day.
Each day, a specific allocation of $MAXX tokens will be available for reservation. Depending on special community events, this amount may differ each day.
Below is an example of how this amplifier stage looks. All values shown are from our public testnet.
This is a screenshot from our public testnet round
This is a screenshot from our public testnet round

Why launch like this?

Let's say we launch directly to a DEX with only a low amount of liquidity in the pool:
The first few buys all get a large number of tokens for a very cheap price. The price starts going up very fast, and new buyers come in and buy at a higher price, getting fewer and fewer tokens as time goes on.
This ultimately leads to an unfair-whale problem, where the first few users could own a huge amount of the supply for very little money. They could dump all of their tokens a few weeks/months later for millions of dollars, taking most of the liquidity with them and really harming the ecosystem.
Instead, by launching with a Liquidity Amplifier, all users who enter over the 40-day period are on an even playing field, and each gets a much fairer share of the tokens available. This prevents the unfair-whale situation and makes for a much healthier and rebust ecosystem.