Speed Penalty

Make sure to claim your FreeClaim early!
There is a penalty for claiming your FreeClaim amount late, so you are best claiming it as soon as it launches!
As the FreeClaim lasts 365 days, it will slowly reduce the amount claimable for each user by 0.274% (100/365) per day starting on day 2.


A user has $1,000 of ETH, giving him an allocation of 200,000 MAXX. When he claims on day 1, he gets all 200,000 Claims on day 11 result in 2.739% penalty, leaving 194,520 claimable $MAXX Claims on day 101 result in 27.397% penalty, leaving 145,205 claimable $MAXX Claims on day 365 result 99.726% penalty leaving only 19.8 claimable $MAXX On Day 366 the FreeClaim closes (unless the full reserved amount has already been claimed). Check your freeclaim airdrop here!