Free Claim

A free claim bonus will give MAXX major traction!
5% of our total supply (5bn tokens) is available for free claim by qualified users. This is essentially an airdrop and users will be required to come to the portal and connect their wallets to claim their share of the MAXX token.
The amount of tokens claimable is based on the user's balances on 70 different networks Full list here.
In order to be eligible for the freeclaim airdrop you will need to have been holding tokens on October 30th 2022 with a balance that is not too high or too low and both have an account with a substantial amount of time and activity on it to ensure that we have quality defi users.
The total value of these native tokens in USD will be used to calculate the amount claimable. Users will be able to claim 200 $MAXX per $1 USD value of tokens. The total maximum amount claimable per wallet is 1,000,000 $MAXX.
The 5bn tokens reserved for this event are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Once all have been claimed, no more will be claimable. All Freeclaimed tokens are auto-staked for 1 year, earning a high 24.26% APY during that time. Users can unstake early if they wish. Airdrop There are also 2bn tokens which are reserved for competition rewards and airdrops to addresses who have participated in events on our socials.